Term 4, 2021. lesson 3

Lesson Preparation: Please have stationery flashcards on display. Please Print out stationery karuta cards (you will need to cut these apart and have enough sets per group of 2-4 students). For example, if you have 24 students you need 6 sets.

Additional activity: Students will need either an iPad/Chromebook or Laptop to access online games 'Wordwall'.

Victorian Curriculum- Essential Learnings: We are learning to identify behaviours and values associated with Japanese society and incorporate these into our own language use. We are also learning to encourage classmates using appropriate language in Japanese (ganbatte).

Gakko ni ikimashou - Let's go to school.

kore wa nan desu ka?

One student will pretend to be the teacher asking the other students “kore wa nan desu ka?”

karuta card game

Sensei will introduce 'Hyakunin-iisshu' (ひゃくにんいっしゅ)Karuta.

stationery small card 10.pdf

karuta game

In groups of 3-4 students must sit in a small circle. Each group is given a pack of karuta cards which they must spread out ‘face up’ on the floor. The teacher will then call out the name of a stationery in Japanese and the students must ‘slap’ this card as quickly as they can. The quickest person to slap the correct card is the winner and can keep this card. The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

* We will use karuta cards again next week.

Additional Activity

Student can play Wordwall Stationery 'Maze chase' , 'Matching pair' and 'Word search'