Term 4, 2021. lesson 9

Lesson Preparation: Students will need a piece of paper or Japanese notebook and pencil.

Additional activity: Student need piece 2 to 8 of origami (square) paper and a glue.

Victorian Curriculum- essential learnings: We are learning to describe people and objects using adjectives including colour, shape and size.

What is a Ninja?

Sensei will ask ‘What is a ninja?’ and students will share what they know about Ninja.

Ø Ninja were Japanese spies. Their job was to find out secrets about their enemy and steal food and weapons. Ninja had to have very good memories so they could return to their leaders and give them lots of information about the enemy.

Ø Ninjas were fast, quiet and could climb to amazing heights and break into enemy houses.

Ninja powerpoint.pptx

ninja powerpoint

How to be a Ninja?

Sensei will teach students how to be a Ninja with these easy steps!

let's draw manga ninja.

Additional Activity

Shuriken 1 (easy)

You will need eight pieces of origami (square) paper and glue.

Shuriken2 (difficult)

You will need two pieces of origami (square) paper.