Term 4, 2021. lesson 2

Lesson Preparation: Please print out 1x Build a sentence PDF sheet(not powerpoint) and have displayed.

Additional activity: Please print out Animals and Colour s mini book1x per student.They also need colour pencils and scissors.

Victorian Curriculum- essential learnings: We are learning to describe people and objects using adjectives including colour, shape and size.


Let's revise colours!

sentence sheet.pdf

Build a sentence sheet

Please print out 1x Build a sentence sheet then display.

Build a sentence- colours.pptx

Build a sentence Power point

Sensei will show the powerpoint. Student try to make a sentence using colour and animal words in Japanese.

Noughts and Crosses

The class must be separated into two groups with one group being noughts and the other crosses. Sensei will say the name of a colours in Japanese and if students know this in English they must raise their hand as quickly as they can. The fastest student to raise their hand and answer correctly can draw either a nought or cross on the board.

Additional Activity

colours and animals mini book.pdf

Animals and Colours mini book

Students will draw animals with collect colour each page, these can then be stapled together to make a mini book.

Watashiwa_____ desu. (I am ______.)