Term 4, 2021. lesson 7

Lesson Preparation: You will need your 1 set of small colour cards from week 1

Additional activity: Students will need either an iPad/Chromebook or Laptop to access online games 'Wordwall'.

Victorian Curriculum- essential learnings: We are learning to describe people and objects using adjectives including colour, shape and size.

warm up

Sensei will introduce rice paddy art in Japan.

Let's revise colours.

small karuta colour cards.pdf

colour battle

2-4 students sit down side by side.

Teacher put 11 small colour cards in the middle of classroom then Sensei call out name of the colour in Japanese. Student need to stand up, collect the correct card and return to their seat.

*You can use small karuta cards from Week 4.

 We will only need 1 set of small colour cards.

Additional Activity