Term 4, 2021. lesson 8

Lesson Preparation: N/A

Additional activity: Please print out 1x snake sheet.They need colour pencils and scissors.

Victorian Curriculum- essential learnings: We are learning to describe people and objects using adjectives including colour, shape and size.

suifu no miru mono big book.pptx

Suifu ga miru mono

What the sailor sees

Sensei will read a story in Japanese.

ebi kani dance

'ebi' means prawn

'kani' means crab

Jan Ken Pon Densha

Sensei will play a Japanese song and students walk around the classroom. Once the music stops they need to find a partner and do 'Jan ken pon' rock paper scissors. The winner stays at the front while the person who lost goes to the back of the densha.

Additional Activity

Please select from the activities below.

patterned snake colour by number in Japanese.pdf

colour by numbers

Student can make a spiral hanging snake.

They will need colouring pencils and scissors.


Colour the Kanji.

Students must colour the kanji/ katakana the corresponding colour.