Term 4, 2021. lesson 9

Lesson Preparation: Students need a pencil and a notebook or piece of paper.

Additional activity: Please print out 1x kasa template per student.

Students also need colouring pencils, scissors, a short piece of string and sticky tape.

Victorian Curriculum- essential learnings: We are learning to describe people and objects using adjectives including colour, shape and size.

warm up

Ebi, Kani dance

Jizou .pptx

Sensei will introduce Japanese budda stature “Jizo”.

Let's write Jizo in Hiragana & Kanji.

じぞう 地蔵

かさ 笠

Kasa Jizo folktale

Additional Activity

Let's make a paper 'Kasa' hat.

First, colour & decorate.

Cut the around and triangle part.

Make a crease and stick both sides with tape then attached a string too.

kasa base.docx

Kasa template

Please print out 1x kasa template per student. Student also need colour pencils, scissors, short string and sticky tape.