Term 4, 2021. lesson 2

Lesson Preparation: Please print out 1x 'What is this?' sheet and 1 set of stationery flashcards and have these displayed.

Additional activity:

Senior: Students will need either an iPad/Chromebook or Laptop to access Classkick.

Junior: Please print out Bunbougu(stationery) mini book1x per student. They also need colour pencils and scissors.

Victorian Curriculum- Essential Learnings: We are learning to identify behaviours and values associated with Japanese society and incorporate these into our own language use. We are also learning to encourage classmates using appropriate language in Japanese (ganbatte).

Gakko ni ikimashou - Let's go to school.

What is this sheet.pdf

What is this ?

Please print out 1 'What is this?' sheet and have displayed.

stationery flashcards.pptx

stationery flashcards

Please print out 1 set of flashcards and have these displayed .

Sensei will show 'kore wa nan desu ka?'powerpoint to students.

They need to answer using 'Kore wa____ desu' sentence.

Japanese 'bunbougu'

Sensei will introduce Japanese great stationeries.

Additional Activity

Senior student

Students will need either an iPad/Chromebook or Laptop to access Classkick

Junior student

school stationery mini book.pdf

bunbougu mini book

Students will draw stationery each page, these can then be stapled together to make a mini book. They need colour pencils and scissors.