Term 4, 2021. lesson 4

Lesson Preparation: Please have stationery flashcards on display. Karuta cards - you will need your cards from last week however you may need to print some extra sheets as each child will need three cards.

Additional activity: Student need 3 tissues (paper towel) ,glue stick, short strings, scissors and one small face.

Victorian Curriculum- Essential Learnings: We are learning to:

  • identify behaviours and values associated with Japanese society and incorporate these into our own language use.

  • use visual images or familiar vocabulary to help us understand.

  • recognise high-frequency kanji such as 学校

Gakko ni ikimashou - Let's go to school.

Ashi Jan Ken Pon

stationery small card 10.pdf

ashi jan-ken-pon

We will be using the same karuta cards that we used last week however you may need to print some extra sheets as each student will need to begin the game with three cards.

pleasae give me .pptx

kudasai(please give me)

Please print out 1x kudasai sheet and display.

How do you write 'Gakkou' (school) in Japanese?

Additional Activity

teru teru bozu.pptx

teru teru bozu powerpint


teru teu bozu face

Today children will be making ‘Teru teru bozu’ (traditional Japanese rain dolls). They will need 1x circle each (for the face) and two piece of tissue. Please look at the powerpoint for instructions of how to make 'Teru Teru Bouzu'.

Please note: The white circle is for children to draw the face of the doll and then stick it onto their tissue as it can be tricky to draw directly onto tissue. You will also need either string or rubber bands for children to tie around the dolls neck. You can then tie string to this so it can be hung as a decoration.