out and about in japan

Week 5&6

Lesson 1

Preparation: Print out 1xkaruta card pack (in colour) per group and cut these apart. This is one set. (20 cards per set)

Please make enough sets for small groups of 3-5 students.


Warm Up - Watch as a whole group

Brainstorm - Etiquette in Japan

Children begin making posters.

Lesson 2

Irashaimase! いらしゃいませ

Children finish posters.

Early finishers - 

lesson 3

Mark Roll/Greeting

Number Rap

Introduce Japanese money – 2x kanjis and

Show students pictures of different notes/coins and discuss how the value of these are different in Australia. Power-Point

Ikura desu ka? Song

Pacman – revise language from the session.

Lesson 4