Week 3&4

Lesson 1

Resources: Classroom instruction flashcards, pin-pon-bu device.

Greetings in Japanese, Mark roll etc. (10 min)

Classroom instructions revision (5 min)

Japanese greeting song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZKtfnx6kNQ (5 min)

Focus Question – School Life in Japan - What do you think schools in Japan are like? What do you think might be the same or different to our school? (20 min)


Discuss the similarities/differences that they noticed between Japanese and Australian schools

Game – Pacman (20 min)

Revise numbers, greetings and classroom instructions.

Lesson 2

Resources: Onamae wa language poster. 1x hiragana chart per child. Hiragana word hunt powerpoint.

Greetings in Japanese – mark roll etc. (10 min)

Focus language and gestures (10 min) – Onamae wa nan desu ka?/ Watashi wa ______ desu.

Partner practice.

Hiragana- Introduce Hiragana chart. Students identify Hiragana characters on their chart. (15 min)

Hiragana Rap (10 min)

Hiragana games -online - Hiragana drag'n drop. (10 min)

Lesson 3

Greetings in Japanese – mark roll etc (10 min)

Simple greeting song

Onamae wa nan desu ka? Watashi wa ______ desu. Gestures. Revision (5 minutes)

Hiragana rap (5 min)

Move around the circle activity.

Hiragana Challenge Activity/Hiragana Drag and Drop