Lesson 3 


Nihon ni ikimashou!- Let's go to Japan!

Webex Preparation: Print out 1xkaruta card pack (in colour) per group and cut these apart. This is one set. (20 cards per set)

Please make enough sets for small groups of 3-5 students.

Additional Activity

Junior students: Please print out 1x labelling Japan map per student.

Students will need a pencil, glue and scissors.

Senior students: Japanese workbook and a pen. iPad/Laptop/Chromebook

Warm Up - Watch as a whole group



Japan (country)


Japanese person


Japanese language

Can you find Australia? Can you find Japan? Do you know how long it takes to reach Japan from Australia by airplane?

If you were to fly from Melbourne to Tokyo directly it would take roughly 10 hours by airplane. Usually you would need to stopover in another country on your way as most airlines do not fly directly to Japan.

How many islands make up the country of Japan? What are their names?

There are 4 main islands of Japan. Honshuu, Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu. Honshuu is the largest of these. In total Japan has 6,852 islands. Only 430 of these are inhabited.

*Please skip the game below and go straight to the Additional Activity- Junior Map Printable (below).

Whole Group Game

culture_karuta sheet.pdf

Culture Karuta

Print out 1x karuta card sheet (in colour) per group and cut these into small sets. (20 cards per set)

Please make enough packs for small groups of 3-4 students.If you have 20 students you will need to make 5 sets.

Additional Activity-Junior

Labelling Japan Map Junior.pdf

Labelling japan map

Please print out 1x Labelling Japan map per student.

Student will need a pencil, glue and scissors.

Japan is made up of four main islands.

Cut out the names of the four main islands at the bottom and paste these in the correct place on the map. Find the star- this is the capital city of Japan. What is it called? Write it down. Draw some Japanese objects around your map - sushi, mount fuji, chopsticks, noodles, Japanese houses, bullet train etc.

Additional Activity-Senior

Can you find these places on your map? Draw the Using google to write one interesting thing about each of these places.

  • おきなわ  Okinawa

  • さっぽろ  Sapporo

  • ひろしま  Hiroshima

  • ながの   Nagano

  • きょうと Kyoto

  • とうきょう Tokyo

Resource for next week! Please share this with children as often as possible before our lesson next week. (Fruit break? Brain break?)