Lesson 5 


Nihon ni ikimashou!- Let's go to Japan!

Webex Preparation: Please have your Hiragana chart from last week.They will also need a writing pencil and Japanese work book.

Additional Activity

Junior: Please print out 1x 'Junior hiragana helpful words' worksheet per child. They will need colouring pencils and their Hiragana chart.

Senior: Please print out 1x Hiragana clour codes per student.They will need colour pencils.

Warm Up

Hiragana rap

Hiragana karate exercise

Hiragana-Reading and writing

hiragana challenge 2.pptx

Today we will continue to learn about the 'Hiragana Chart'. Can you find Sensei's Hiragana on your chart? What sound does it make?

Making Hiragana Activity

Working as a whole group Sensei will chose a character from the chart the the children must make this with their bodies. You may like to take photos of these for display.

Additional Activity-Junior

junior hiragana helpful words.pdf

Hiragana helpful words

Can you find any of these characters in your Hiragana chart? Colour them in. Draw a picture that matches the word.

Additional Activity-Senior

colour codes.docx

Hiragana colour codes

Shade the hiragana boxes according to the coding below,

あ=Kuro (black) い=Aka (red) う=Orenji (orange) 

え=Ao (blue) お=Midori (green)

Hiragana colour codes early finisher:

Students will need an electronic device to play the following game.

Click on 'Hiragana' and then 'Play Now'.