Lesson 6 


Nihon ni ikimashou!- Let's go to Japan!


Webex Preparation:

Please have your Hiragana chart.

Additional Activity

Junior: Please print out 1 set of Hiragana font match up sheet per student. They will also need a glue stick and scissors

Senior: Please print out 1x Hiragana aiueo sheet per student. They will need a writing pencil and Hirgana chart.

Warm Up

Revision あいうえお

Introduce mnemonics for the characters あいうえお

Classroom teachers - you may like to print these for classroom display.

あいうえおmnemonic flashcards.pptx

あいうえお Mnemonic Flashcards

Aaaa! Can you find the A?

Eeels are swimming!

Uuu.. The dude with the food.

Ed the Pelican.

Ohhh! There are o's everywhere!

*Sensei will teach the students how to write the characters. They will use their yubi (finger), hiji (elbow), atama (head) and oshiri (bottom).

Whole Class Game - Around The World

Children will sit in a circle. One child will be chosen to 'start' the game by standing behind their chosen opponent. These two children will be the first two competitors in the game. Sensei will then hold up a card and the fastest of the two hands up then say the name of the character in Japanese is the winner. The winner will then move and stand behind the next person in the circle and they will then be given a question and so on. Children compete to see who can move the furthest around the circle (around the world!).

Additional Activity-Junior

Hiragana font match up.pdf

Hiragana font match up

Student need to cut the Hiragana.

After cutting, put the same letter vertically and paste it

Additional Activity-Senior

Hiragana aiueo.pdf

Hiragana あいうえお work sheet

Student need to trace Hiragana alphabet first then try to write. They also need to find hiragana sound of each picture using hiragana chart. They can translate to find a meaning of the picture.

Hiragana aiueo answer sheet.pdf

answer sheet