Lesson 7 


Nihon ni ikimashou!- Let's go to Japan!

Webex Preparation:

  • Please have your Hiragana chart.

  • Douzo/Arigatou game - 4x objects (see lesson below).

  • Please print Mr Sushi Gamecards (there are 30 cards per sheet and each child will need a card) for larger classes you will need to print an extra sheet.

Additional Activity : Student will need an iPad or a laptop.

Warm up - Douzo/arigatou activity

Doozo/Arigatou Circle Game - You will need 4 objects (anything that can be passed around in a circle is fine hat, tennis balls)

Language focus: Douzo (here you are), Arigatou (thankyou).

Children will sit in a circle and will practise passing objects using 'Douzo/Arigatou' as children become more confident, more objects are added to the circle.

Revision - あいうえお

We will revise the Hiragana chart and the characters あいうえお including our mnemonic cards.

sushi game

mr sushi Hiragana.pdf

Please print out 'Mr Sushi Jan Ken Pon Card Game Hiragana' and cut these apart.

Each child will need a small card so for larger classes you may need to print an extra sheet.

Divide the class into two teams with each team sitting in a line facing each other. Each student will need a small card and these must be placed on the floor. One member from each team then comes forward and they do “Jan ken Pon”(rock paper scissors). The winning team can then take one card from the losing team by using the phrase “Please give me ___ . (card name) They must then add this card to their teams cards on the floor. The team which collects many cards are the winners.

Additional Activity-Junior

Junior children can use the online game below to revise and learn new Hiragana. They will need their Hiragana Charts for this activity.

Additional Activity-Senior

Senior children can choose from the online HIRAGANA games below.