Lesson 8-B


Nihon ni ikimashou!- Let's go to Japan!

Webex Preparation:

  • Please print out 1x 'Hiragana Jingle Bell' sheet per student.

Additional Activity :

Junior: Please print out 1x Dot to Dot 1-20 per student.

Senior: Please print out 1x Dot to Dot あ to ん per student.

warm up: Hiragana time

Activity1: Hiragana Jingle bell

The Hiragana Christmas Song.pdf

Hiragana Jingle bell song

Sensei will teach students The Hiragana Jingle Bell song.

Wara art (rice straw art)

Sensei will introduce Japanese unique art called Wara Art.

How to make it?

Wara art at York festival

Where is York?

Additional Activity-Junior


Dot to dot 1-20

Student can complete a Dot to Dot 1-20 then colour in their picture.

Additional Activity-Senior

baseball dot to dot.pdf

Hiragana dot to dot

Students can complete a dot to dot activity beginning with あ(a) which is the red dot and ending with ん(n).

*Students will need a Hiragana chart.

Dot to Dot early finisher can play 'Digital dialects' games.