Lesson 11

Lesson Preparation: Print out 'Dare desu ka?' poster (below) and display.

Additional Activity: Print out 1x Pikachu colouring sheet per student. They need colour pencils.

Warm up- Hakushu Game 拍手ゲーム

Sensei will choose a topic like 'doubutsu' (animals). He/she will will then call out a series of words and if they hear an animal students need to clap their hands once. If Sensei calls out a word which is not an animal they do not clap their hands. Students catch as many familiar words as possible and will learn new vocabulary!

Dare desu ka? Poster. (Please print and display).

dare desu ka poster.pptx

Gu Choki Pa Song.

gu choki pa song lyrics.pptx

Addtional activity: Pikachu Nurie colouring

Pikachu nurie01.pdf