Lesson 8

Today we are going to the read the story 'Harapeko Aomushi'

はらぺこあおむし in English this is called 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. I wonder if you can catch any words that you know in the story? You might hear some colours, numbers and other language.

Harapeko Aomushi- Key Vocabulary.










Number revision- Usagi number Game

The students pretend to be bunny rabbits crouching on the floor with floppy ears. Sensei calls out a number from 0-10 and children must hold up that number of fingers on top of their head like rabbit ears, jump in the air and remain standing. The whole group will then call out what the number was in English and Sensei will then call out a different number.

Game: Let's play number buzz!

Students make a circle. One student is selected to go first and say 'ichi' and students continue counting around the circle until they reach 'go' and the group farewells this person with 'sayounara' and 'go' sits down. They then begin counting around the circle again until they reach 'go' and once again this person sits down. The last person standing is the winner.

Additional Activity

Very hungry caterpillar Japanese number craft

Students will need a Hungry Caterpillar Sheet, colouring pencils, glue and scissors.

Teachers; You will need to have your 1-5 Japanese number flash cards on display.

Instructions: Students will cut out the Aomushi body parts and then write the numbers from 1-5 in Japanese. Children can then decorate their caterpillar and add the face etc.

一 二三四五

hungry caterpillar craft.pdf