Remote Learning lesson 1

Today we are going to learn about a popular fish in Japan called 'Fugu'.

In English it is called 'Blowfish', 'Puffer fish' or 'Balloon fish'. Look at the pictures below- why do you think it is called this?

Fugu are very clever! When they are approached by predators they suck in water to make themselves look bigger and sharp points pop out from their skin. This makes them look much larger and scarier than they are helping to frighten predators away.

In Japan Fugu is a delicacy - something that Japanese people love to eat for special occasions. But BEWARE Fugu fish can be deadly POISONOUS! Fugu fish must be prepared by a licenced chef so the poisonous stomach parts can be removed before eating.

Fugu can be eaten in lots of different ways. Sashimi (raw), boiled, barbecued.

If you want to try fugu when in Japan, look for the restaurants that have GIANT fugu lanterns hanging out the front of them.

Learn more about eating fugu in Japan! Watch the video below.


fugu lantern.pdf


Please print out the PDF to the left and make your own fugu lantern just like those hanging in the front of fugu restaurants.