Remote Learning lesson 4

Konnichiwa Minna San!

Today Peta Sensei will read you a story called 'Kuma San, Kuma San, Nani Miteru No?' In English it is called 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What can you see?'

While Sensei is reading see if you can catch the names of the animals and try to guess what they might be in English. Good luck!

Digital Dialect Game - Revision

Look at the pictures of the animals and click on the matching name below. How many can you answer correctly? Try again and see if you can increase your accuracy!

doubutsu kirigami

Animal Kirigami- Kirigami is a type of Japanese paper cutting craft which is very popular in Japan. Students need to cut their origami paper using the example attached. Using these shapes they can then glue these into their notebook creating their own animal. Once they have glued these into their book they can then use colouring pencils to decorate their animal.

Students will need a notebook/A4 paper, glue-stick, colouring pencils/textas and an animal kirigami template from below.

If you don't have a printer, children can have a try at drawing one of the templates from below and then cut it out :)

Animal Kirigami 1.pdf

wani & inu

Animal Kirigami 2.pdf

Usagi & kirin