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Lesson 6

Sumo wrestling

Konnichiwa Minna San!

Today we are learning about Sumo Wrestling in Japan. Watch the clip below to learn more about sumo wrestling- the oldest sport in Japan!

yokozuna Sumo wrestlers playing basketball. Are they good?

ACTIVITY: Today you are going to try some sumo wrestling- paper style! Print out the document below!

Paper Sumo Wrestling.pdf

paper sumo wrestlers

What do I need to do?

Please cut out the sumo wrestlers and then fold them down them down the centre. Watch the clip below - it will show you how to sumo wrestle!

Please use colouring pencils for colouring as using textas may cause holes in the paper.

How to play 'tonton' kami sumo game

Use your fingers to gently tap the box. This sound is 'ton ton' (tapping).

If your Sumo wrestler falls over or moves out of the ring the other player is the winner.

Please turn on subtitles.

*If you turn on subtitles at the bottom of the clip you can follow along with Sensei's instructions.

  • Junior students, you may like to cut your sumo wrestler into a square like the picture to the left (this will help your sumo to stand up better).