Remote Learning lesson 4

Konnichiwa Minna San!

Look at the pictures below- this is a dental surgery in Japan. Isn't it cute?

Can you see Hello Kitty?

Why do you think they have designed it this way?

Do you think Japanese people like to visit the dentist?

karada-Let's have some fun! Experiment with your body

Have you ever tried spinning around and around? If you have you will know that after spinning for a few minutes you begin to feel very dizzy and find it difficult to stand or sit up straight. However, if you use this special trick you will be able to. Find a place in your home (the backyard might be the best place?) Make sure you have plenty of space so you don't trip over furniture.

1, Spin around and around like a figure skater

2, You feel dizzy!

3, SECRET: Pull out your 'mimi' then try and walk.


Animal Kirigami- Kirigami is a type of Japanese paper cutting craft which is very popular in Japan. Children need to cut the templates attached. Using these shapes karada, ashi, ude, atama etc...they can then glue these into their notebook creating their own animal. Once they have glued these into their book they can then use textas to decorate their animal.

Students will need their workbook or A4 paper, glue-stick, textas and an animal kirigami template.

*If you don't have a printer you can enlarge the pictures below and draw it yourself using a ruler and by estimating the size of the different shapes. It doesn't have to be perfect just try your best!

Animal Kirigami 1.pdf

wani & inu

Animal Kirigami 2.pdf

usagi & kirin