Supootsu o shimashou-let's play sports

Term 2, 2021 Lesson 6

Lesson Preparation: Please print out 2 set of Country flashcards - one can be displayed while the other will be used in our circle sumo game.

You will also need 2x alligator clips.

Additional activity: Please print out 1x "Petal model' sheet per student and How to use Petal model sheet.(explanation)

They also need glue and scissors.

Victorian Curriculum: Children are learning to:

  • use pronouns such as わたし/ぼく and titles such as せんせい and さん.

  • use Japanese language to give information about themselves.

  • use a hiragana chart to support their reading and writing.

Warm up -Partner talk

Children will revise language from the previous week。

__________ ga suki desu ka?  ____がすきですか

Hai, suki desu. はい、すきです

Iie, suki ja nai desu. いいえ、すきじゃない です。

________ ga suki desu demo _______ wa suki ja nai desu. ______がすきです、でも_____はすきじゃないです。

Watashi mo suki (ja nai) desu. わたしもすき(じゃない)です。

Honto? ほんと?

DOko kara kimashita ka?

Where are you from?

Country flags for Circle sumo.pdf

circle sumo game

You will need a copy of these on display for student reference and a copy of these for the sumo game. You will also need 2x alligator clips. Two students will be selected to be ‘sumo wrestlers’ they will have a flashcard clipped to their back. They must move around each other trying to see what the other person has clipped to their back. The first person to call out what the other person has on their back in Japanese is the winner.

*Please move your tables and chairs.

Additional Activity (30 minutes)


Cut out model


Turn over through and fold down each petal towards the middle.



Open flaps and turn model over.

Cut out remaining flags and paste under the correct country names.


Allow students to check workbook or flashcards,

How to use Petal model.pdf

How to use 'petal model'

Pedal flags sheet.pdf

petal model sheet