Supootsu o shimashou-let's play sports

Term 2, 2021 Lesson 9

Lesson Preparation: Students will need either an iPad/Chromebook or Laptop to access 'VOKI'.

Please print out 1x Voki sheet per child.

Additional activity: Please print out 1x reflection sheet per child.

Victorian Curriculum: Children are learning to:

  • use pronouns such as わたし/ぼく and titles such as せんせい and さん.

  • use Japanese language to give information about themselves.

  • use a hiragana chart to support their reading and writing.


let's create Voki character

voki olympic 3-6.pptx

Voki sheet

Please print out 1x sheet per student.

Additional Activity

Children will complete a reflection sheet for Japanese this semester.

Children will need 1x print out of the reflection sheet each and something to write/draw with.

Ken and Peta Sensei would love to hear the children's feedback.

reflection sheet semester 1 2021 senior.pptx