Supootsu o shimashou-let's play sports

Term 2, 2021. Lesson 3

Lesson Preparation: Print 1x copy of the sports flashcards. Print out 1x graphing sheet per child.

Additional activity: Please print 1x ‘Sugoroku board Game’ per group of 3-4 students.

Student also need dice and counters.

Victorian Curriculum: Children are learning to:

  • identify Japanese words that are borrowed from other languages. (Japanese sports)

  • talk about favourite things.


Children will revise language from the previous week (sport words) and learn some new language (Kore wa _____ desu).

Please print out the flashcards below.

olympic sport flashcards.pptx

flashcard game

Sensei will introduce new focus language for this week with a tricky game!

Suki desu ka - graphing activity

Please print out 1x sheet per child.

suki desu ka graphing activity junior.pptx

Additional Activity (30 minutes)

Sugoroku Board Game

Sugoroku boardgame.pdf