Supootsu o shimashou-let's play sports

Term 2, 2021. Lesson 4

Lesson Preparation: Please print out have your 'Sport Flashcards' on display

Additional activity: Please print out 'Suki and suki ja nai' sheet per student.They also need scissors and glue.

Victorian Curriculum: Children are learning to:

  • identify Japanese words that are borrowed from other languages. (Japanese sports)

  • respond to classroom instructions.

  • respond to questions with single words and set phrases.

  • use greetings and farewells,


Greetings song including gestures. Ohayou (good morning), Konnichiwa (hello) , Sayounara (goodbye), Mata ne (seeya)

Greeting song-aisatsu no uta

flashcard game

We will revise our sport vocabulary with our 'Kore wa ____' / 'Hai/Iie' game from last week.

olympic sport flashcards.pptx

namae wa nan desu ka - what is your name?

Sensei will explain the use of family name first when introducing yourself.

Eg. Watashi wa Ikeda Peta desu.

Children will try introducing themselves to a classmate.

Karate Counting!

Additional Activity (30 minutes)

Suki and suki ja nai sheet.pptx

SUki and suki ja nai cut and paste

Students cut all of sports pictures then paste in either the suki (like) and suki ja nai (dislike) column depending on whether they likes/dislikes. Student must then choose their favourite sport from the list and build the sentence '____ ga ichi ban suki desu'. (My favourite is ___ )

As a whole group children can then share some of their likes/dislikes using Japanese :)