Supootsu o shimashou-let's play sports

Term 2, 2021. Lesson 6

Lesson Preparation: Please print out 2 set of Sports flashcards

one can be displayed while the other will be used in our circle sumo game.

You will also need 2x alligator clips.

Additional activity: Please print out Paper Sumo wrestler set per pair. Students also need colour pencils and scissors

Victorian Curriculum: Children are learning to:

  • identify Japanese words that are borrowed from other languages. (Japanese sports etc)

  • respond to classroom instructions.

  • respond to questions with single words and set phrases.

  • use greetings and farewells,


Greetings song including gestures. Ohayou (good morning), Konnichiwa (hello) , Sayounara (goodbye), Mata ne (seeya)

Greeting song-aisatsu no uta

Circle sumo

olympic sport flashcards.pptx

Circle sumo game

You will need a copy of these on display for student reference and a copy of these for the sumo game. You will also need 2x alligator clips. Two students will be selected to be ‘sumo wrestlers’ they will have a flashcard clipped to their back. They must move around each other trying to see what the other person has clipped to their back. The first person to call out what the other person has on their back in Japanese is the winner.

*Please move your tables and chairs.

Additional Activity

Paper Sumo Wrestling.pdf

Paper sumo wrestling

Students will make their own sumo wrestler and will use this to compete against other children. There are two sumo wrestlers per sheet however students will need only one so this can be shared with a buddy. Students will also need one sumo ring per pair and a box or book to lay their sumo ring on. For schools that have whiteboards you may like to draw a circle on these and use these rather than printing out the sumo ring on paper.

*Please use colouring pencils for colouring as using textas may cause holes in the paper.

*Some students can cut in square if they are difficult to cut the body line.

How to play 'Ton ton' sumo?

Use your fingers to gently tap the box. This sound is 'ton ton' (tapping).

If your Sumo wrestler falls over or moves out of the ring the other player is the winner.