Supootsu o shimashou-let's play sports

Term 2, 2021 Lesson 2

Lesson Preparation: Student also need small whiteboard and whiteborad marker or just paper and pen.

Additional activity

Junior: 1x paper strip and 1x rubber band per student.They also need colour pencils or textas and sticky tape.

Senior: Students will need either an iPad/Chromebook or Laptop to access Classkick.

Victorian Curriculum: Exchange greetings and introduce and share information about self with the teacher and peers using simple language and gestures. Recognise and copy some hiragana.

Japanese Undookai

Sensei introduce you Japanese Sports day, 'Undookai'.

'Undookai' refers to a big yearly sport event in schools, where students compete with each other in various sports.

It is usually held on Saturdays or Sundays. The following Monday will then be a student free day.

Oodama korogashi


Undoukai powerpoint

suki desu ka sheet.pptx

Like or dislike bingo game

Please print out 1x 'Suki desu ka?' sheet in A3.

Students will be placed into small groups of 3-4. Each group will need to choose five sports from a list then write it down. Sensei show you 'Supotsu wa suki desu ka?'(Do you like sports?)power point

They need to ask "_____ga suki desu ka?".If sensei's answer is "hai(yes)' tick it .The first group to have 7 ticks are the winners.

Additional Activity (30 minutes)



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hachimaki 1.docx


Student can make thieir own Hachimaki.

日本 means 'Japan'