Term 3, 2021. lesson 2

Lesson Preparation: Please print out 1 set of flashcards then displayed.

Additional activity: Please print out 1x Animal Jigsaw match per student.

Students will also need glue and a pair of scissors.

Victorian Curriculum: Identify key words when listening to spoken texts, and show understanding through actions, drawing or labelling


Pet flahcards 10.pptx

Pet & animal flashcards

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Do you have pets.pdf

Do you have pets?

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Mary San no Hitsuji

Students will learn Mary had a Little Lamb in Japanese.

Activity 1- crazy walk

Sensei call out animal name in Japanese then all students stand up and pretend the animal.

Activity2 - Noughts and Crosses

Maru batsu game

The class must be separated into two groups with one group being noughts and the other crosses. Sensei will say the name of a animals in Japanese and if students know this in English they must raise their hand as quickly as they can. The fastest student to raise their hand and answer correctly can draw either a nought or cross on the board.

Additional Activity

Pet Jigsaw match.pptx

animal JiGsaw Match

Student will need glue and a pair of scissors.