Tomodachi o Tsukurimashou

Lesson 4

Lesson Preparation: Print 1x copy of the 'helpful expression loop cards' and cut these apart. Please bring along your Hiragana Charts.

Additional activity: Please print out 1x "Ponyo Colour by number' per student.

Victorian Curriculum: Exchange greetings and introduce and share information about self with the teacher and peers using simple language and gestures. Recognise and copy some hiragana.

Hiragana chart


revision/warm up

'Please print 1x copy of the 'Helpful-expression- loop cards' and have these cut apart. Arigatou! (Thankyou)

fix helpful expression.pptx

Focus Language

simple self intro powerpoint hiragana.pptx

Activity: Find a Tomodachi

Children make two circles (an inner and an outer). Sensei will play some Japanese music and when it stops they must use the dialogue below to share about themselves with their partner.

Ohayou/Konnichiwa/Konban wa

Watashi wa ________ desu.

_______ ga suki desu.

Additional Activity (30 minutes)

Colour by Hiragana worksheet and early finishers can play online game 'Kana Invaders'

ponyo colour by number hiragana.pdf


Students will need colouring pencils and their Hiragana chart.