Tomodachi o Tsukurimashou

Lesson 5

Lesson Preparation: Children will need their hiragana charts, writing pencils and a copy of the 'Meet your friends' sheet (1x per child)

Additional activity: Please print out 1x "Hiragana dot to dot" sheet per student.

Victorian Curriculum: Exchange greetings and introduce and share information about self with the teacher and peers using simple language and gestures. Recognise and copy some hiragana.

Hiragana chart


revision/warm up

Focus Language

Sensei will revise focus language.

Namae wa nan desu ka/ Watashi wa _____ desu.

Nani ga suki desu ka? / __________ ga suki desu.

namae wa- ga suki desu powerpoint.pptx

Practice with a buddy.

Meet your Friends Activity

Children will move around the room using the focus language. They must record who they meet and what they like.

Please print 1x 'Meet Your Friends' sheet per student.

meet your friends activity.pptx

if time: Pacman - helpful expressions

Additional Activity (30 minutes)

Hiragana dot to dot.pdf

Hiragana dot to dot

Students can complete a dot to dot activity beginning with あ(a) which is the red dot and ending with ん(n).

*Students will need a Hiragana chart.

Children will need their Hiragana Charts for this activity. They must drag and drop the hiragana onto the correct romaji. Select the Hiragana option.