Tomodachi o Tsukurimashou

Lesson 8

Lesson Preparation: Print out 1xkaruta card sheet per group of 3-4 children and cut these apart. (12 cards per set)

For example, if you have 20 students in your class you will need to make 5 sets of Karuta cards.

Additional activity: Please print out x1 Greeing card sheet per student. They also need scissors and glue.

Victorian Curriculum/Essential Learnings:

Interact with the teacher and peers in regular classroom routines and structured interactions.

Create short spoken informative and descriptive texts related to their personal world with the support of modelled language, scaffolded examples and resources such as word lists.

revision jikushokai

Greeting match up Revise.pptx

Greeting match up Activity

Ohayou/ Konnichiwa/Hajimemashite!

Namae wa nan desu ka What is your name?
Watashi wa _______ desu
I am _____ desu.

Nani ga suki desu ka? What do you like?

______ ga suki desu. I like ______.

Karuta game

Greeting Karuta card Senior.pdf

かるたー Karuta

Students will be placed into small groups of 3-4. Each group will be given a pack of karuta cards and students will place these face up on the floor. Sensei will call out greeting and self introduction words in Japanese. The first person to slap the correct card may keep that card and the person with the most cards at the end is the winner.

Additional Activity

Greeting song & Self introductions.

Greeting karuta help sheet Senior.pdf

Greeting game, cut&paste

1, Student cut the sheet then make a card.

2, Walk around and find a parthner then ask, (for example) How do you say 'I am ok' in Japanese?

3, If partner answer the question then you can find different partner. (Student can play about 10min)

4, After the game they can match up and paste thier cards on Japanese work book.