Tomodachi o Tsukurimashou

Lesson 8

Lesson Preparation: Print out 1x karuta card sheet per small group of 3-4 children and cut these apart (12 cards per set).

For example, If you have 20 students in your class you will need to make 5 sets of karuta cards.

You will also need a copy of your number flashcards.

Additional activity: N/A

Victorian Curriculum/Essential Learnings:

Use formulaic expressions and gestures in exchanging greetings and farewells.

Mimic Japanese pronunciation, intonation and rhythm through shared reading and singing.

When listening to simple repetitive spoken texts, they identify key words such as names and demonstrate comprehension by actions.

genki disco warm-up

Revision: Douzo, Arigatou, Numbers

Children sit in a circle and the number flashcards from 1-10 are placed on the floor in the middle of the circle. One child calls out a number in English and another child must stand, find that number card and take it to the child that called out the number. They must pass it to their buddy using the language 'doozo' and 'arigatou'.



number flashcards.pdf

Karuta game

Karuta game F-2.pdf

かるたー karuta

Students will be placed into small groups of 3-4. Each group will be given a pack of karuta cards and students will place these face up on the floor. Sensei will call out greeting and self introduction words in Japanese. The first person to slap the correct card may keep that card and the person with the most cards at the end is the winner.

Additional Activity (30 minutes)

Kanji Writing! Using whiteboards/paper children can try writing the numbers in kanji. The clip above shows how to write the numbers from 1-10. You may like to have the children use other materials to create the numbers including play dough or other materials from the classroom. These could be photographed and used as a display.