Tomodachi o Tsukurimashou

Lesson 9

Lesson Preparation: Jan-Ken-Pon Game. Please print out two sheets A3 and cut these apart (two sets of cards are needed for the whole class).

Additional activity: Print 1x Totoro puzzle per child (Year 1/2)

Print out 1x Pikachu puzzle per child (Foundation)

Students will need glue, scissors, colouring pencils and their Japanese Workbook.

Victorian Curriculum/Essential Learnings:

Use formulaic expressions and gestures in exchanging greetings and farewells.

Mimic Japanese pronunciation, intonation and rhythm through shared reading and singing.

When listening to simple repetitive spoken texts, they identify key words such as names and demonstrate comprehension by actions.

Warm Up

watashi wa dare desuka.pptx

watashi wa dare desu ka?

who am I? quiz

Jan-Ken- Pon Game

Number small card 1-10.pdf

Jan ken pon game

Divide the class into two teams with each team sitting in a line facing each other. Each team will need a pack of small number cards and these must be placed on the floor in front of each team. One member from each team then comes forward and they introduce themselves using focus language ' Watashi wa ___ desu.' they will then 'Jan-Ken- Pon' (rock paper scissors). The winning team then says a number from 1-10 in Japanese and the losing team must find this number from their pack and hand this to the opposing team using 'douzo' and the winning team replies with 'arigatou'. They then add this card to their teams cards on the floor. The team which collects all of the cards from the other team are the winners.

Additional Activity (30 minutes)

totoro number puzzle.pdf

Totoro match up

number puzzle FOR 1/2

Students must first cut apart the picture squares. They must then match the digit on the picture squares with it's equivalent Japanese number and glue these on top of the Japanese number. Once they have matched all of the pieces they will see a famous scene from Japanese anime 'Totoro'.

Pikachu 1-10 jigsaw puzzle For Prep.pdf

Pikachu 1-10 puzzle

for Foundation

First students colour in Pikachu and then they will cut the puzzle into strips, mix these up and put them back into order using the kanji numbers at the bottom of the page. They can then glue this back together.