Tomodachi o Tsukurimashou

Lesson 2

Lesson Preparation: Children will be placed in groups of 3-4 and each group will need an A3 sheet of paper and textas/drawing pencils. Please print out 1x Hiragana Chart per pair.

Additional activity: Please print out 1x Japanese workbook cover per student.They also need colour pencils and glue.

Victorian Curriculum: Exchange greetings and introduce and share information about self with the teacher and peers using simple language and gestures. Recognise and copy some hiragana.


Hiragana chart

Let's explore Japan

Lesson 2 Japan mapping F-6.pptx

What do you already know about Japan?

Children will work in groups of 3-4 and using A3 paper they will list everything they know about Japan.

Share time

As a whole group we will discuss what the children listed. Student can add to their list if they hear new information.


What would we like to know about Japan? Each group is to come up with two

'wonderings' about Japan.

Additional Activity (30 minutes)

Below are two activities. For schools(Senior) that have already completed your Workbook Cover you can access 'The True Size' website where children can compare the size of Australia with other countries. For Junior student they can copmplete cut and pastte activity.

Japanese Book Cover 2021.pdf

Japanese workbook cover

Please print out 1x book cover sheet per student.

*がっこうめい (gakkomei) means school name

*なまえ(namae) means student name


Jump to 'The true size of...' Website then type in 'Australia'.

Then you can move the map of Australia to other countries First, see if you can drag Australia over the top of the map of Japan.


Australia and Japan activity.pptx


Please print out 1 set of Australia and Japan activity sheet per student.

Student need to cut all of pictures then paste in the correct country side.

They also need to draw a picture something Japanese(ex sushi) and Australian then paste on it.

If student finished cut and paste they can colour in.