Tomodachi o Tsukurimashou

Lesson 6

Lesson Preparation: N/A

Additional activity:

Senior: Students will need 1x Janken Race Game sheet per pair. Hiragana charts and colouring pencils.

Junior: Please print 1 set of 'Watashi wa ___ desu. Worksheet' per child.

They will need writing/colouring pencils, scissors and glue.

Victorian Curriculum/Essential Learnings:

Interact with the teacher and peers in regular classroom routines and structured interactions.

Create short spoken informative and descriptive texts related to their personal world with the support of modelled language, scaffolded examples and resources such as word lists.

They demonstrate their understanding of the importance in Japanese of non-verbal communication such as bowing.

Locate some hiragana on the Hiragana chart.

revision/warm up

Language and gestures

Sensei will introduce/revise the gestures for Konnichiwa/Hajimemashite.

Watashi wa ..... desu.

Children will practice these as a whole group/buddy.

Evolution Game-しんか(shinka) game

How to play

1.) Each student begins as a snake- you must slither along the ground.

2.) When students meet another snake they must stop and introduce themselves with the language

Watashi wa _______ desu.

3.) The pair will then do 'Janken' and the winner evolves into the next animal in the diagram (lizard) while the person who loses remains a snake.

4.) They students once again move around the room where they meet a different friend and again ask the focus language from above. They then 'janken' and the winner evolves into the next animal/person in the diagram while the losing student remains the same animal.

5.) They continue this way meeting friends, doing 'Janken' and evolving. The person to win is the first one from the group to evolve into a Ninja!

Ohayou/ Konnichiwa/Hajimemashite!

Watashi wa _______ desu

______ ga suki desu.

Sayounara/Mata ne

Additional Activity


Janken Race Game- Instructions are provided on the game sheet. Students will need 1x sheet per pair, Hiragana Chart and colouring pencils.



watashi wa___ desu.worksheet.pptx