Tomodachi o Tsukurimashou

Lesson 9

Senior: This week we will be logging into Classkick for our session. (20min)

Students will need either an iPad/Chromebook or Laptop for this session.

Please note: students will be logging in independently so it is preferable that they have a device each.

Additional activity:Junior

Print out 1x Totoro puzzle for Year 1&2 student.

Please print out x1 Pikachu Jigsaw puzzle for foundation student.

Student will need a glue, scissors,colour pencils and Japanese work book.


watashi wa dare desuka.pptx

Watashi wa Dare desu ka? Quiz

who am I? (whole group)

For Senior student


totoro number puzzle.pdf

Totoro number puzzle

Students must first cut apart the picture squares. They must match the digit on the picture squares with it's equivalent Japanese number and glue these on top (of the Japanese number). Once they have matched all the pieces they will see a famous scene from Japanese anime 'Totoro'.

Pikachu 1-10 jigsaw puzzle For Prep.pdf

Pikachu 1-10 puzzle

for Foundation

Student need to colour in Jigsaw puzzle sheet first then cut into 10. Student need to shuffle and play then paste on their workbook.