Lesson 3

Lesson Preparation: Please print out the " Let's build a sentence' flashcard on A3 and display for students.

Additional activity: Please print out 'inu origami' instructions for students (one per pair?) Students will also need origami paper (kinder squares) and textas.

doubutsu- animals

Please display the 'animal' flash cards for the lesson.

Animal flashcard 14.pdf


suki na doubutsu.pdf

Let’s build a sentence!

* Please print out the flashcards in A3 below

and display for the lesson.

Sensei will introduce,

'Sukina doubutsu wa nan desu ka?' (What animal do you like?)

Watashi wa neko ga suki desu. (I like cats.)

Line Charades

Students will line up in rows standing silently. The first person in each row faces Sensei while the other turns to face the back of the classroom. Sensei will hold up an animal card and the first person must then touch the next person on the shoulder and act out the ‘animal’, the next person then does the same to the following person in the line and so on until they reach the last person. Once the last person works out what the animal is they must raise their hand. The fastest row to raise their hand and answer correctly receives a point for their team.

Additional Activity

Doubutsu Origami : Please print out some origami instrcutions for students.

They also need origami papers or square papers and texta.

Senior student :There are more origami animal instructions on this website.

Origami dog face.pdf

inu face

Origami cat face.pdf

Neko face