Lesson 5

Lesson Preparation: *Please print out 'Kore wa dare desu ka?' and '___ wo kudasai" flashcards in A3 and display this. You will also need 2 sets of small animal cards.(karuta cards- the same cards as last week are fine)

Additional activity: Doubutsu word search

doubutsu- animals

Please display 'animal' flash cards for our lesson. Please note: these are an important reference for students so need to be somewhere easily viewed.

Animal flashcard 14.pdf
kore wa dae desu ka.pdf

Let’s revise Animal words using.

Kore wa dare(nan) desu ka?= Who is this?

Kore wa ____ desu. = This is a ____.

Students will practice the language above with Sensei.

Animal karuta cards 14.pdf

Request Jan Ken Pon

____ wo kudasai=Please give me ___ .

Hai, douzo=Yes, here you are.

Divide the class into two teams with each team sitting in a line facing each other. Each team will need a copy of our 10 different animal cards and these must be placed on the floor in front of each team. One member from each team then comes forward and they do “Jan ken Pon”(rock paper scissors). The winning team can then choose one animal card from the losing team by using the phrase ‘____ wo kudasai’(Please give me ___ . ) They must then add this card to their teams cards on the floor. The team which collects all of the cards are the winners.

*Please print out 'kudasai' flash card in A3 and displayed.

*Please use small animal cards from last week.(we need 2 sets)

janken game.pptx

Densha Game

Students stand in rows. The teacher will hold up a flashcard or call out an animal word in Japanese and the fastest person to raise their hand and translate correctly is the winner. That student may keep their place in the front row however the other students in that row must move to the back with everyone else moving forward. Teachers from each school will need to help identify the fastest students.

Additional Activity

word_search- animal ST.pdf


Translate the following English words into Japanese Roman alphabet and then find the words in the find-a-word below!