Lesson 6

Lesson Preparation: Please print out 1x "Role-play'sheet per student.

Additional activity: Student will need an iPad or device for recording their movie.

doubutsu- animals

Please display 'animal' flash cards for our lesson. Please note: these are an important reference for students so need to be somewhere easily viewed.

Animal flashcard 14.pdf
Role-play doubutsu.pdf

Role-play doubutsu

*Please print out 1x ’Role-play' sheet per student.

Sensei will introduce our role-play. Student need to make a pair then they need a practice.

After practice they can share their roleplay.

A Konnichiwa.(Hello)

B Konnichiwa.

A Onamae wa? (What is your name?)

B Watashi wa ____ desu. (I am ____.)

B Onamae wa?

A Watashi wa ____ desu.

B Suki na doubutsu wa nan desu ka? (What animal do you like?)

A ____ ga suki desu.

A Suki na doubutsu wa nan desu ka?

B ____ ga suki desu.

A Sayounara. (Good bye)

B Sayounara.

Additional Activity

Recording your Role-play.

Students will use the ‘camera’ function of their iPad to record their role-play and they will then share their record version with group.