doubutsu Lesson 8

Lesson Preparation: Have your animal flashcards on display.

Please print out 1x 'Oide Oide Song' sheet per group of 3-4 students.

Additional activity: Please print out 1x kirigami templates per student.

doubutsu- animals

Pet cafe in japan

Sensei will show the student Pet café in Japan then I ask some questions.

Oide oide おいで おいで

Students will pretend to be on safari seeing many different animals. Sensei will teach students the Panda, Usagi, Koara song using Japanese and gestures.

In small groups students will create their own ‘Panda, Usagi, Koara’ song with gestures. Students will need a ‘Oide Oide’ song sheet.

Oide Oide song sheet.pdf

Please print out 1x Oide Oide song sheet per group.

Additional Activity

doubutsu kirigami

Animal Kirigami- Kirigami is a type of Japanese paper cutting craft which is very popular in Japan. Students need to cut their origami paper using the example attached. Using these shapes they can then glue these into their notebook creating their own animal. Once they have glued these into their book they can then use colouring pencils to decorate their animal.

Students will need their Japanese notebook, glue-stick, colouring pencils/textas and an animal kirigami template from below.

Animal Kirigami 1.pdf

Kirigami template

wani & inu

Animal Kirigami 2.pdf

kirigami template

usagi & kirin