Lesson 2

Lesson Preparation: Please print out the body parts flashcards.(There are 13 flashcards)

karada- body parts

Please print out the flashcards below and display for the lesson.

body part flashcards 13.pdf

doko desu ka?-Where is it?

Students make a pair then they can ask each other

Atama wa doko desu ka? means “Where is your atama?”

One student will pretend to be the teacher asking the other students “Atama wa doko desu ka?”

They must touch correct body part.

Students will be placed into 3 groups (less if the class is smaller) three people will then come and stand in front of the screen. Sensei will hit ‘spin’ on the wheel and when the wheel stops the first person to translate hands up the word correctly gets a point for their team. The team with the most points at the end is the winner.

Additional activity

Body part labelling activity

Using a large piece of paper, students will work in small groups. One student will lay on the paper with a friend tracing around them. Working as a group, students must then label their tracing with all of the vocabulary from above they will also need to draw different parts of the body and give their person clothes etc.