Lesson 3

Lesson Preparation: Please display body parts flashcards.

Print out the 'Let's build a sentence' flahscard in A3.

Additional activity:

Junior classes: Please print out 'Mario fukuwarai' sheet per group.(2-4)

Senior classes: Please print out 1x 'Wordsearch sheet' per student.

karada- body parts

body part flashcards 13.pdf
Lets build a sentence.pdf

let's build a sentence.

*Please print out the flashcard in A3

Sensei will introduce, Kore wa ____ no ____ desu.

example: Kore wa neko no ashi desu. This is a cat's foot.

Let's play 'Pacman' game

Students must spread out finding a place in the room. Sensei will say the name of a body part in Japanese and the first student to raise their hand must answer with the name of that body part in English. If the student answers correctly they can take a step and if they can touch another student that student must sit down. The last student standing is the winner.

Additional activity


Junior Classes- Fukuwarai

‘Fukuwarai’ is a traditional Japanese game. Firstly, students will need to cut out the different parts of Mario’s face from the second page. Working in small groups they will then take it in turns being the blindfolded person. Those students that are not blindfolded will pass the body parts to he/she that is blindfolded (telling them what it is in Japanese) and the blindfolded person must place this on Mario’s face. Once all of the parts are placed on Mario’s face they can then take off the blindfold and a funny face is revealed.

eyebrow= mayuge

moustache= hige

Please read the "How to play Fukuwarai".

word_search_body_parts Senior.pdf

senior classes-wordsearch