Lesson 6

Lesson Preparation: Please print out 1x "Role-play'sheet per student.

Additional activity: Student will need an iPad or device for recording the movie.

karada- body parts

body part flashcards 13.pdf
Role-play karada.docx

Role-play Karada

Sensei will introduce our role-play. Students will need to make a pair and practice their role play.

D=Doctor P=Patient

D Konnichiwa.

P Konnichiwa.

D Kyou wa dou shimashita ka?

(What can I help you today?)

P _______ ga itai desu. (My ____ hurt.)

D Hai, jaa _______ o misete kudasai.

(Yes, let me see your _______.)

D Itsu kara itai desu ka? (When did you start hurting?)

P Kinou kara itai desu. (It hurts since yesterday.)

D Wakarimashita. Okusuri o dashi mashou.

(I see. I will give you some medicine.)

P Arigatou gozaimasu. (Thank you very much.)

Additional activity

Recording your Role-play

Students will use the ‘camera’ function of their idevice to record their role-play and they will then share their recorded version with group