karada Lesson 7

Lesson Preparation: Student will need a Japanese workbook or A4 paper and a pencil.

Additional activity: Please print out 1x body parts match up sheet per student.

karada- body parts

Rajio taisou

The 'rajio taisou' is a national exercise played on the radio at 6.30 each morning throughout Japan. It is a a part of the morning routine of thousands of people! Schools and sporting groups also use the 'rajio taiso' as a warm up before sporting events.

Let's warm up our karada (body)! Try the Pokemon Rajio Taiso exercise below.

Can you count along ichi, ni, san, shi..



let's draw animals body part with sensei.

Students will need writing/drawing pencils and paper for this activity.

Additional activity

body parts match up.pdf

body part match up

Students will need a pencil, Japanese workbook, glue stick and scissors.