Year 1/2

Lesson 4


Today we are learning about a special day in Japan

Kodomo no Hi - Children's Day.

childrens day explanation final ( (1).mp3

Children's Day is a special day to celebrate boys but girls can join in too. Girls have their own special day on March 5th called 'Girl's Day'.

On Children's Day families with boys hang huge carp kites (koinobori) outside their homes and display samurai helmets (kabuto) inside.

koinobori (
kabuto (

Now we are going to watch a short clip about 'Kodomo no Hi'. There are some tricky words in this movie but just try your best to listen and look at the pictures. Can you see any Koinobori kites or Kabuto helmets?

Activity: Today you are going to make your own Koinobori. Ask an adult to print out the sheet below and colour it in. Where the Japanese writing says 'のりしろ’ use glue and glue the fish into a cylinder shape. You can then use glue or sticky tape to tape this to a stick/chopstick etc. Once finished you will have your own Japanese carp kite to celebrate Children's Day!

Peta Sensei's How to Video - Japanese Carp Kites

Print out the template below.


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