year 1/2

Lesson 7

Konnichiwa and Welcome to Lesson 7!

Preparation: This week you will need writing pencils and paper.

Let's revise the numbers 1-5. Do you think you can go all the way to number 10? Remember; 一 Ichi (scratch yourself) 二 Ni (touch your knee) 三 San (put on your sunglasses) 四 Yon/Shi (cover your mouth and yawn) 五 Go (pretend to run- let's go!)

Let's do some karate counting!

Game: Let's play number buzz!

Students make a circle. One student is selected to go first and say 'ichi' and students continue counting around the circle until they reach 'go' and the group farewells this person with 'sayounara' and 'go' sits down. They then begin counting around the circle again until they reach 'go' and once again this person sits down. The last person standing is the winner.

Additional Activity

ninja number game 1-6.pptx