Year 3/4

Lesson 4


Today we are learning about a special day in Japan

Kodomo no Hi - Children's Day.

Children's Day is a special day to celebrate boys but girls can join in too. Girls have their own special day on March 5th called 'Girl's Day'. On Children's Day families with boys hang huge carp kites (koinobori) outside their homes and display samurai helmets (kabuto) inside.

Children's Day also takes place at the same time as 'Golden Week' It begins on the 29th of April and lasts for 10 days - everyone gets a holiday from school and work!

koinobori (
kabuto (

Now we are going to watch a short clip about 'Kodomo no Hi'. Listen carefully as you will have to take a quick quiz after! :)

Children's day in japan

Now that you have watched the movie - try the quiz below!

CHILDREN'S DAY in japan Quiz

Activity: Let's make an Origami Helmet.

If you don't have origami paper at home, see instructions on

You can use any type of paper however if you would like to make it big enough to place on your head you can try using a sheet of newspaper.

How to make a Samurai helmet

Samurai Helmet.pdf

samurai helmet instruction