year 3/4

Lesson 6

Konnichiwa and welcome to Lesson 6!

Today you will take three virtual tours of different Japanese houses. Before doing this you will need to print out the quiz sheet from below. If you don't have a printer you will need to write down the questions.

Use the virtual tours to find the answers to as many questions as you can :)

Japanese House Quiz

Quiz sheet


Virtual Tour 1

Kyoto Machiya House

This is Boston Museum website in the US. 'Machiya' is an old style Japanese town house. In the city of Kyoto you can find lots of 'Machiya' houses.

virtual tour 2

Japanese Modern House

This is a Japanese real estate website. You can look at modern Japanese houses.

virtual tour 3


***If you see this green page just go, 'Click here to continue', and if it still doesn't work go to 'Click here to get the latest player'.

It may not work on some iPad and smartphones.