year 3/4

Lesson 7

Konnichiwa and Welcome to Lesson 7!

Preparation: Grey lead pencil, A4 paper or Japanese workbook, eraser and colouring pencils. Chromebook/iPad for the additional activity.

Today I will introduce 'Emoji'. Emoji are a universal language! There are over 700 different emoji being used worldwide.

Emoji originally started in Japan. 'E' means picture and 'moji' means character.

They are used in emails, text messages and websites. Some examples of emoji are 😃(ureshii kao), 😭 (kanashii kao) and 😈 (okota kao). Do you know the meaning of these emoji?

History Of emoji

emoji simple quiz.pptx

let's draw emoji !

Activity: Emoji Drawing


Grey lead pencil

A4 paper or Japanese notebook



Additional activity: Emoji QUIZ

If you would like to know about 'Kao moji' emoticon (kao= face moji=character) please check the videos below. Can you draw some of these?

what is Kao moji?


kao moji Quiz