year 3/4

Lesson 9

Preparation: Print out keywords and display.

Additional Activity: Teachers please select an additional activity, if the 'Oni Mask Craft' is chosen you will need to print 1x template per child.

Momotaro is one of the most famous Japanese folktales of all time. All children in Japan know this story.

Momo もも means 'peach' and taro たろう 'first born boy'.

This story is also known as the Peach Boy.

Why do you think it is called that?

There have been many books and movies made about Momotaro and his story has also been translated into many languages. He is seen as a hero in Japan and a statue has been erected in the area of 'Okayama' where they believe Momotaro once lived.

Keywords From the Story (below): Teachers please print these out and display.

Today we are going to perform the story 'Momotaro' or 'Peach Boy' in English. Students will act out the parts of characters from the story. Please listen carefully for the name of your character.

Momotaro story and keywords.pptx

The Story of Momotaro

The Story of Momotaro.docx

Additional Activity: Oni Mask/Online Games

Oni mask

Please select a mask from below and print out 1x per student.

oni mask.pdf

Cute child oni mask

oni mask 2.pdf

scary face oni mask

Online Games - Key Vocabulary from the Story Momotaro